MeriJR Enterprises supplies world-renowned, high quality medical devices to all medical institutions in the Philippines while providing reliable services to all installed units.

We satisfy our stakeholders, provide an ideal workplace that is conducive to personal and professional growth."


NatéoSanté created EOLIS Air Manager

The only intelligent air filtration system, eco-design, Internet-connected and made in France.


The anti-odour innovation for small spaces


SkytronIPT UVC Robots in a Hotel Setting.mp4


By offering the most extensive choices of UVC on the market, Skytron has the ideal UVC disinfection systems to fill the need with any hospital, long term facility, or any area that is improving infection control procedures. With three UVC robot models to choose from, Skytron meets every need and every budget. Through effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfection, Skytron UV delivers more power and efficiency, ensuring proper disinfection and increased staff workflow productivity.

Integrity Steam Sterilization Equipment

The Skytron Integrity Sterilization Equipment has an integrated water conservation system, reducing water consumption by 35% to 65%.

Processing Sink

The Perfect Height-Adjustable Solution For a Busy Processing Department.

Our height-adjustable processing sinks complement your disinfection processes and offer either right to left or left to right workflow capabilities. We offer single, dual, or triple basins to fit your exact needs.