MeriJR Enterprises supplies world-reowned, high quality medical devices to all medical institution in the Philippines while providing reliable servies to all installed units. We satisty our stakeholders, provide an ideal workplace that is conductive to personal and professional growth.

Vision Statement

MeriJR Enterprises Incorporated is the leading distributor of highly specialized and innovative devices in the country

Mission Statement

To satisfy customer needs to sell and create a demand to provide high quality medical equipment's


The sun in our Company Logo symbolizes the values that we uphold as an establishment.

The center of it is our Faith in God and its rays represents the following values:

Our History

MeriJR (pronounced as “Meri J R”) Enterprises Inc. started in the year 2005 by the husband-and-wife team of James and Esther Araña. The company started as a third-party repair company, offering repairs of both flexible and rigid endoscopes to targeted

hospitals and outpatient clinics. After a year of providing cost-effective repair services, the company made an exclusive alliance with an international flexible endoscopy company in distributing their endoscopy line in the Philippines for the first time.

Eventually, the company included endoscopy accessories and distributed single use products. MeriJR Enterprises Inc. does all the registration, importation, marketing, distribution, selling, and after sales services and repairs to all its represented brands in the whole of the Philippines.

The company caters to all its potential users, influencers, and buyers – to hospitals and to outpatient clinics; to doctors, to nurses, and to medical practitioners; to both private and government institutions.

Faith in God



Customer Focus




Social Responsibility